Tuesday, February 1, 2011

REDWatch- Meeting on the Redvelopment of Redfern/ Waterloo - This Thursday night at the Factory 6pm Sharp

Dear REDWatch Members and Supporters

At Thursday’s REDWatch meeting we have arranged for the RWA CEO and Planners along with Senior HNSW staff to make a presentation to REDWatch. There will be a period for questions and we hope that the session will help REDWatch further formulate our response and submission. We have attached a flyer to promote the meeting so please encourage people to come along, listen to the presentation and ask their questions.

We have tried to provide in the flyer a summary of some of the key points in the BEP2 – There are some differences in opinion between the RWA and REDWatch as to how neutral this summary is as it includes some references to material not specifically in the BEP2 such as comparisons with the CoS proposed controls, the lack of population estimates and the lack of information about the future of HNSW properties outside the BEP2’s area.

At the present moment the presentation to REDWatch is the only community presentation we are aware of being held. The model for the information sessions we understand to be as a drop in, look at display boards and talk to planners rather than a presentations or public meetings. The first  RWA BEP 2 Information Session is on Thurs 3 Feb 1pm-3pm at Redfern Town Hall.

In addition to the RWA BEP2 materials Housing NSW have produced a copy of the HNSW BEP2 Information Booklet for Public Tenants and we have also received a report from HNSW on the Central Sydney Region High Rise Strategy. We have now added the HNSW BEP2 sessions to the REDWatch events calendar – you can find the details of the HNSW and the RWA sessions at www.redwatch.org.au/events_listing. There is a new tab on the top of the REDWatch website that will take you to material about the BEP2

The City of Sydney has today placed its City Plan for its new Local Environmental Plan (LEP) and Development Control Plan (DCP) on exhibition. You can get the details online at www.cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au/. So not only are their controls for public housing to look at but there are also the new controls that will govern normal development within in the City of Sydney. Please have a good look at what is proposed for your area.

The City of Sydney prepared controls for the Redfern and Waterloo public housing estates as well as the rest of the city but the Department of Planning asked the City to withdraw their proposed controls. The RWA BEP2 document does provide the information to make a comparison although they do not calculate the figures. REDWatch has produced a comparison that shows that the RWA proposal provides for an extra 15.7 hectares of floor space which is a 35% increase over what had been proposed by the City of Sydney in preparing their LEP. Here is the link to the PDF of REDWatch Comparison of BEP2 and CoS Floor Space Recommendations.

Finally we are hoping to get a new Redfern Waterloo Issue Update out in the next day or so and we will make sure those on the Supporters list also receive that update.

Please spread the word about the BEP2 exhibition and encourage people to find out about it and to make their comments.

I hope you can make it on Thursday to the REDWatch meeting


Geoffrey Turnbull
Ph Wk: (02) 8004 1490  Mob: 0418 457 392

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