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Performances Create A Revolution


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Performances Create A Revolution

The 9th of March will see one of Australia’s best performing arts centres, the Village Performing Arts, showcase some amazing talent in a visual feast of entertainment to raise funds and team up with two remarkable organisations helping transform South Sydney, The Factory Community Centre and iEtiquette Inc.
The event titled ‘Revolution’ promises to be a celebration through ‘thought provoking performances. No less can be expected as dancers from the Village Performing Arts Centre have recently won the National Showcase Dance Championships at Jupiter’s Casino on the Gold Coast. A series of performances peppered with celebrities such as Briden Starr of "X-Factor" fame and Dani Da Ross from "The Voice" will bring together a night to remember.

The Factory Community Centre and iEtiquette are two cornerstone organisations that have been fostering and strengthening their community through innovation and education. Proceeds go straight to the organisations to expand their reach of community and socially inclusive initiatives.

The Village Performing Arts Centre’s CEO Wayne Aspinall didn’t hesitate to jump behind the event. "I think it’s important for people to be aware of the good work done by The Factory and iEtiquette and the Village is honoured to have been asked to be a part of it", Mr Aspinall said.

For 35 years the Factory Community Centre has been at the heart of the South Sydney area. Acting as a meeting place for locals and running a vast array of worthwhile community programs. Michael Shreenan, the Executive Officer for the Factory Community Centre said: "For the Factory the funds and recognition will go a long way in helping us to continue to make a real difference in people lives. Every contribution enables us to continue to work with the community and to continue to make a tangible difference for local residents".

One of the organisations that calls the FCC their home away from home and a beneficiary of ‘Revolution’ is iEtiquette. iEtiquette, developed after input from the Redfern Police, community organisations and social workers, answers a need in the community to create positive change to young and adult indigenous women who have faced adversity and usually come from recidivist backgrounds.

Karen Levin, the Founder of the program states: "iEtiquette is rewarding to all involved. It assists women to find their true worth and focus on their potential. The rewards for facilitators are also immeasurable. To teach our participants to learn to trust and appreciate themselves and that they are appreciated by others is self-compensating. Each has their own passion and usually a new career path can be realised from this. iEtiquette has been life changing for all of us. We want to help more women to shine brightly in their communities."

Ms Levin believes community events such as ‘Revolution’ are crucial to recognising and celebrating the great Soldiers of Change in a community.

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